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October, 11, 2014

21st Century Fund for Delaware's Children
2014 Muriel E. Gilman Award Ceremony

Dale Broome presents the award with Martha Gilman to 
Dr. Patricia Purcell.

As the first African American pediatrician in Delaware, Dr. Purcell has dedicated her life to the well-being of Delaware’s children. With her practice located in the city of Wilmington, Dr. Purcell is committed to serving a varied clientele which includes low income families and at-risk children. From humble roots, she not only recognizes the needs of the population she serves, but has extended her reach into the community through her volunteer efforts.  Click below for photos....


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The event ended with Apostle Frank Burton, Pastor Tasey Burton, Pastor Mary Cooper, Sis Dale Broome, Michelle Walsh-Webb, Prophetess Margaret Inniss (Barbados) and Susan Napier, et al praying for the ministry, the youth, volunteers who will be involved  in the ministry, along with individual prayer for those who attended, and who needed to launch out deeper in their businesses, ministries, and/or their jobs. God is, indeed, able to do that which He said He will do!  Can't wait for the awesome testimonies that will ensue! Amen.
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